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DWI or DUI Arrest? It can happen to anyone of us.

DWI or DUI arrest? DWI or DUI charges are serious! If convicted, the accused could face heavy fines and/or jail time. It can happen to any one of us. Merely having one or two glasses of wine when out to dinner at a local restaurant and starting the car is all it could take to be arrested. 

It happens to good people everyday who have never been arrested before. As a former NYC Police Officer turned lawyer, I offer an aggressive defense to any DWI/DUI matter. Simply put, I have an advantage over many attorneys; I wore the same uniform and was trained in the same academy as the arresting officer. Coming from a law enforcement background, I am able to formulate a cutting edge legal defense that may not be offered by another attorney. I know how police officers were trained, how they make arrests, and the mistakes they make doing so. 

If ever arrested for DWI or any criminal matter tell the police "I want to call my lawyer now." (and do not answer any incriminating questions once in custody)
Then call Cammarata Law and ask for me, Joe Cammarata 718-477-0020 #CammarataLaw

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